Maïto Production

Paris - Freelance since December 2012

- Directing of movies for the Cité Internationale Universitaire.
- Directing of movies for the audit company Mazars (interviews, teaser, corporate video).
- Shooting of a movie for L'Oréal in the Harcourt studio.

Denis Power Group

Paris - Mission - October 2013

Installation and live streaming of State's auditions.

Endless Prod

Paris - April 2014

Directing of a movie for HandiEM.


Neuilly - Freelance since June 2013

Shooting of interviews for the audit company Deloitte.

Semaine du Golfe

Golfe du Morbihan - May 2013

Directing of a movie on an old sailing ship "La Recouvrance".


Paris - Freelance sine September 2012

Editing of a movie for Louis XIII Cognac brand.

Noside Production

Bourg-la-Reine - Mission - August 2012

Shooting and editing of a movie for Leroy Merlin brand.

Private hospital Pôle Santé Sud CMCM

Le Mans - Mission - November 2010

Directing, shooting and editing of a movie on a patient in ophtalmology service. (movie extract).
Elaboration of a continuity editing and storyboard.

Fnac SA

Ivry-sur-Seine - Freelance since Octobre 2009

- Shooting and editing for several departments (Book, press, music, community ...)
- Directing of the FnacLive festival's teaser 2011 and 2012.
- Covering of a fashion parade in la Fnac Champs-Elysées, Paris.
- Directing of a movie for the national convention for Fnac's executives.
- Covering of Fnac's nights members in Paris.
- Shooting and editing of literary evenings 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Fashion parase - Fnac Champs-Elysées

Teaser Trophy Video Game 2009

Teaser FnacLive Festival 2012