In short

- Directing of meetings or showcase with Iggy Pop, Johnny Clegg...
- Editing of a DVD Bonus for the movie Through the Never - Metallica
- Freelance shooter on FnacLive Festival on television


Saint-Ouen - Member of the co-operative

Livestream, shooting live, acoustic session and interview.
- Camerawoman on two documentaries, about two french artists
- Ile-De-France Festival - October 2014 - livestream Culturebox
- Scopitone Festival - September 2014 - 2 livestreams Arte Concert
- Rock en Seine Festival- August 2014, 2012
- Astropolis Festival - July 2014, 2013
- Art Rock Festival - June 2014, 2013
- Live streaming of Breton - April 2014 - livestream Dailymotion
- Panoramas Festival - April 2014
- Framing of Klô Pelgag in the Café de la Danse - Mach 2014
- Nouvelles Scènes Festival - March 2014, 2012 - 9 live streams ArteLive
- Mo'Fo Festival - Januar 2014, 2013 - 10 live streams Dailymotion
- Live streaming of Rone in L'Olympia, Paris - Octobre 2013
- Live streaming of Yaron Herman in Le Trianon, Paris - October 2013
- Le Rock Dans Tous Ses Etats Festival - June 2013 - 10 live streams
- InRocKs lab Night - July 2012
- Le Jardin du Michel Festival - June 2012
- Papillons de Nuit Festival - May 2012

Maïto Prod

Paris - Pigiste depuis décembre 2012

- Camerawoman on two dates of Lynda Lemay tour
- Movie director on a show at the french theater, the Folies Bergères

Printemps Musical International de Provence

Gréoux-les-Bains - Mission - Avril 2013

Directing of movies during the academy of Printemps Musical, dedicated to high level classical music teaching.

Production Le Magasin de la Harpe

L'académie de Musique

Paris - Mission - Avril 2013

Shooting of a french spectacle "Tous à l'opéra" under the direction of Jean-Philippe Sarcos in the Cirque d'Hiver, Paris.

Alcibal Productions

Live music

Paris - Mission - November 2011

Directing, shooting, editing for the Frend harpist Christophe Saunière
and the Scottish flautist and singer Joanne Mclver.
Live in studio de l'Ermitage for their new album The Cannie hour.

Promotional movie

Challain-la-Potherie - Mission - June 2011

Directing, shooting and editing of a promotional movie for the French harpist Jehanne Drai.
Shooting in the château of Challain-la-Potherie.

Live music

Bourg-la-Reine - Mission - May 2011

Directing, shooting, editing of pieces of music performed by the band the Lion, the Wolf, and the Donkey of the American harpist Park Stickney.
Live in Bourg-la-Reine during the Odyssée de la Harpe event.

Le Magasin de la Harpe

Paris - Freelance from Februar 2011

Directing, shooting, editing of seven pieces of music adapted and
performed by the French harpist Sylvain Blassel.

Production Le magasin de la Harpe

So What In Motion Production -

Paris - Mission - December 2010

Editing of contents for the website


Ivry-sur-Seine - Freelance from May 2009

- Technical manager and shooter-editer on the Fnac Indétendances Festival 2009. Freelance on FnacLive Festival 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.
- Editing of a DVD Bonus for the movie Through the Never - Metallica.
- Shooting for la Fête de la musique 2009 and 2010: broadcast live on giant screens.
- Shooting and editing for many events organized inside the Fnac's shops (meeting, showcase, masterclass. Some exemples : Iggy Pop, Phil Collins, Raymond Depardon, Yannick Noah, Hideo Kojima, Johnny Clegg...).

Selah Sue - FnacLive Festival 2011

Iggy Pop - Meeting in a Fnac's shop